Nutrabio L-Arginine (750mg) 150 caps


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L-Arginine is one of 20 amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Arginine can serve as a source of energy, and is involved in various pathways throughout the body. Arginine supports the effect of exercise and is one of the most important amino acids involved in immune function.L-Arginine is considered a semi-essential amino acid, because although it is normally synthesized in sufficient amounts by the body, supplementation is sometimes required. Arginine supports protein synthesis as it is involved in the transport and storage of nitrogen and is important for proper physical performance because it is used by the body to produce creatine.

L-Arginine is required for the synthesis of nitric oxide, a secondary messenger involved in blood flow. Nitric oxide is a compound that helps keep blood vessels dilated to promote healthy blood flow. Arginine also stimulates protein synthesis and has been studied for wound healing, bodybuilding, enhancement of sperm production (spermatogenesis), and prevention of wasting in people with critical illness. L-Arginine is beneficial for overall cardiovascular maintenance as well as other areas that depend largely on healthy circulatory status.

Suggested Use: Take two (2) capsules with your once or twice a day. If used for training take 20-30 minutes prior to training with your favorite preworkout.



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